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vintage • reclaimed • handmade • sustainable
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The lazy days of Covid lockdown, 2021

New Zealand has been largely sheltered from the ravages of Covid-19. The benefits of being so far away from everyone else in the world. Much of my family lives in the United States, and I have received many updates on the ups and downs of the pandemic over the past year and a half. I feel so very lucky to be here, but it looks like New Zealand's luck has run out. Covid is here and it's not going away. I live about an hour outside of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. Many people live in our small town and work in the city. We are considered part of the super city, so we've been in lockdown with the rest of Auckland since mid August. No school. No movies. No get-togethers with friends. No travelling outside the area. No restaurants. No shopping. Just me, my partner and our 12-year-old daughter. Slowly the restrictions have eased, but it's still been isolating. The great benefit is that our healthcare system seems to be coping well with the level of Covid in the community.

My number one complaint is a selfish one. The main place I've sold my clothes has been at Auckland-area markets. I started working on eek! vintage full time last year, going to markets, building up supply, building a brand identity, and so forth. I spent much of the winter months making. I've got a great supply of clothes and bags all ready for markets. And they've been canceled. It's deflating—just as the busy spring and summer market season is kicking in, sigh. 

So my hand was forced to figure out a way to get eek! out there for anyone to access. I've got so many beautiful items to still upload to my new website, but they will be slowly coming as I photograph them and write descriptions. And it's not as fun as meeting you in person at a market and talking. 

I'm looking forward to markets returning. I genuinely enjoy interacting with customers and talking about the items I've made. I enjoy sharing my philosophy of reclaiming and reusing beautiful textiles. And I love seeing all the beautiful children. Until then, I'll have to satisfy myself with sharing on this new blog. Feel free to send me messages and ask questions. I'm always close by these days! And check back regularly for new items coming online!

xoxo, Marla


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